Friday, February 24, 2012

February 25 2012

ONE YEAR AGO TODAY, two old friends took a risk. Neither of them knew what the future would bring. Both of them had a magical aura about them. In the time since, they have reaffirmed their ability to love. Shared a joy in the crazy weekend hedonistic doings of life. Found passion in one anothers knowledge, quirks and beauties. One year later, they are in love, spirits are high, and the future is bright and oh so beautiful...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Punta del Diablo >>>

Dusty dirt beat hippy beach town w an old school love to it. Filled with relics of the past. Half closed because it was out of season. Purple crabs, tiny frogs w incredible prints, friendly stray dogs (would not be uruguay if there wasnt). Cant find a place like this in the states. There shouldnt be a place like this in states. Perhaps thats why kids from the states come here to live...

what would it be like if we all lived a life this simple?

the place to live a lifetime... and also after

i like pitbulls, but this dog terrified me

and then it gave me this look

best empanadas in the world, a bold statement

our hostel, el diablo tranquillo. with brent, the jolly rancher himself reading away

my real trip starts tomorrow morning. i fly to Ushuaia, Argentina southernmost city in the world, to begin 4-5 weeks of life getting back to Buenos Aires. mostly by bus. covering as much of Patagonia as I can. stopping where I want. staying where i please. reading, hiking, camping, learning, thinking. I wont have my laptop, and to be honest im excited about it. i will be keeping in touch tho and i hope to still be able to post pictures as often as i can

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Quaint port city with one long lazy tourist strip filled with uruguayans on motorcycles, stray dogs with a look to bite and missing patches of hair, exquisite sunsets & yerba mate gourds. That was Colonia. Simple, quiet and foreign. Yet with an almost surreal familiar feel to it. 4 more days of Uruguay

welcome to sa there brent...

old colonia

punta del diablo post tomorrow...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Graffiti de Palermo

First bike ride since ive been here. Absolutely perfect opportunity to photograph street art and graffiti in Palermo. There was almost never an opportunity to not take a picture. I know thats a double negative but with a creative mind there are a million pictures to be taken in this neighborhood...

slowest moving ambulance ive ever seen. thing had its lights on but still stopped at a stop light

nice to see the sentiment

this is the style of bike most people ride here. exactly the same as the bike i road, seen up against the commissioned piece wall in the top picture. i got reallly excited at first that it was a fixed gear but upon further inspection, single speed with coaster brakes. still lots of fun though

yep i got goals...

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hostel Rayuela has treated me incredibly well. Only problem being that the atmosphere has been extremely lazy. Its been very difficult to get anything substantial done, which is why ive moved on from here. But that doesnt take away from the fact that the joint is immaculate and ive made very good friends here. The downtime has given me the opportunity to really reflect on what I want to do next. Not that Ive figuired that out yet but while the greater area of san telmo can be hectic, this hostel is as chill as can be.

Beautiful kitchen... almost reminds me of home

View lookin down but vibe lookin up... My good friend BRENT comes in town tomorrow. A few more days of BA than on to Uruguay

Monday, March 8, 2010

San Telmo

Moved hostels a few days ago to the opposite side of town, an area called San Telmo. Very different than Palermo but equally as beautiful. Kinda looks like china town in new york with everything being so close together and dirty and the streets feeling narrow. Obviously with a south american twist but just like parts of nyc, dodgy at night. The new hostel im staying at is incredible as well with a significantly different vibe than casa esmeralda. Ill post pictures of it tomorrow. For now heres a few I snapped in and around the sunday market in san telmo...

Roommate from columbia and one of two girls from brazil both of which I absolutely love. Her name is Isabella

my good turkish friend Emrah, working remotely as a graphic designer on his computer in order to pay for his travels

more to come...