Thursday, March 25, 2010

Punta del Diablo >>>

Dusty dirt beat hippy beach town w an old school love to it. Filled with relics of the past. Half closed because it was out of season. Purple crabs, tiny frogs w incredible prints, friendly stray dogs (would not be uruguay if there wasnt). Cant find a place like this in the states. There shouldnt be a place like this in states. Perhaps thats why kids from the states come here to live...

what would it be like if we all lived a life this simple?

the place to live a lifetime... and also after

i like pitbulls, but this dog terrified me

and then it gave me this look

best empanadas in the world, a bold statement

our hostel, el diablo tranquillo. with brent, the jolly rancher himself reading away

my real trip starts tomorrow morning. i fly to Ushuaia, Argentina southernmost city in the world, to begin 4-5 weeks of life getting back to Buenos Aires. mostly by bus. covering as much of Patagonia as I can. stopping where I want. staying where i please. reading, hiking, camping, learning, thinking. I wont have my laptop, and to be honest im excited about it. i will be keeping in touch tho and i hope to still be able to post pictures as often as i can

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