Monday, March 8, 2010

San Telmo

Moved hostels a few days ago to the opposite side of town, an area called San Telmo. Very different than Palermo but equally as beautiful. Kinda looks like china town in new york with everything being so close together and dirty and the streets feeling narrow. Obviously with a south american twist but just like parts of nyc, dodgy at night. The new hostel im staying at is incredible as well with a significantly different vibe than casa esmeralda. Ill post pictures of it tomorrow. For now heres a few I snapped in and around the sunday market in san telmo...

Roommate from columbia and one of two girls from brazil both of which I absolutely love. Her name is Isabella

my good turkish friend Emrah, working remotely as a graphic designer on his computer in order to pay for his travels

more to come...


  1. Keep it on coming with the pics...

  2. Hi Ryan, it seems that all is going well, how bad can it be for a 23 year old living in Argentinia with three girls? Enjoy!!! How is the job panning out? Sue and I 8 lunch with your grandparents yesterday, they look great. Talk to you soon.

    Sue and Chuck