Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hostel Rayuela has treated me incredibly well. Only problem being that the atmosphere has been extremely lazy. Its been very difficult to get anything substantial done, which is why ive moved on from here. But that doesnt take away from the fact that the joint is immaculate and ive made very good friends here. The downtime has given me the opportunity to really reflect on what I want to do next. Not that Ive figuired that out yet but while the greater area of san telmo can be hectic, this hostel is as chill as can be.

Beautiful kitchen... almost reminds me of home

View lookin down but vibe lookin up... My good friend BRENT comes in town tomorrow. A few more days of BA than on to Uruguay

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  1. We're enjoying living the Argentian life even if it is vicariously. Keep the information coming. Love the photos!