Friday, March 12, 2010

Graffiti de Palermo

First bike ride since ive been here. Absolutely perfect opportunity to photograph street art and graffiti in Palermo. There was almost never an opportunity to not take a picture. I know thats a double negative but with a creative mind there are a million pictures to be taken in this neighborhood...

slowest moving ambulance ive ever seen. thing had its lights on but still stopped at a stop light

nice to see the sentiment

this is the style of bike most people ride here. exactly the same as the bike i road, seen up against the commissioned piece wall in the top picture. i got reallly excited at first that it was a fixed gear but upon further inspection, single speed with coaster brakes. still lots of fun though

yep i got goals...

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  1. cool graffitis of the town... what does the town look like other than graffiti on buildings?